Monday, August 25, 2008

Soap making on Martha Stewart

My hubby called me all excited today because Martha Stewart was featuring a soap maker. I ran to tape the show (I don't think my life would be as full without my beloved DVR!) and just finished watching it. Good grief I sound like the world's biggest goober. I promise I'm not... I think....

Martha and her guest, who I think was also an employee, were making goat milk soap. The recipe was very basic and was basically was the formula that I used when I first started making soap: a simple combination of olive oil, coconut oil, and soybean oil (shortening).

Although that soap is fine, I've found as I've worked to perfect my recipe that adding more exotic oils like avocado and shea butter (as well as castor and palm oils) creates a bar with better skin-care properties. I was surprised when I looked up the soap from Martha's featured soapmaker that the product was SO expensive and that there were no essential oils added. But then again, I'm a certified soap snob :)


Felicia said...

Hum...perhaps she didn't give her actual soap recipe but rather a watered down (ha ha) version of it :)

I remember the Black Apple woman talking on her Craftsanity interview about giving away her doll pattern for the Martha Show. Apparently some folks said they wanted to make them to sell. :(

Ragtree said...

You are probably right, Felicia. I know I wouldn't give my secret recipe away, even to Martha Stewart :)